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About Me

Hello Im Mark, a 360 Photographer and Virtual Tour provider in New Braunfels. I specialize in providing local businesses with a fully immersive VR tour that can be embedded into their website, used for various marketing tools, or have panoramas uploaded to Google platforms

How To's & FAQs

What is a Virtual Tour:

   A virtual tour allows customers to move around and view an area using a mobile phone, PC, or VR Googles 

How ling will a session take:

    Depending on size if location, most areas are covered within an hour

When will a tour be ready:

    Turn around time can very depending on location, an exact date will be discussed at time of shoot    

How should I prepare

    Make sure  business has a verified listing on Google Maps. Any areas that are to be photographed should be cleaned. Consider whether or not you would like to have customers visible in photos. Faces can be blurred out